Pole Fitness 3 DVD Set

Get fit, get strong and have fun working out on your dance pole with this set of 3 Pole Fitness workout DVDs.

This set of 3 pole dancing fitness DVDs represents a unique new concept for women interested in pole dancing as a form of fitness.

While there are many excellent DVDs available that teach pole dancing moves and tricks, until now there hasn't been a DVD that focuses specifically on pole dancing fitness.

This set includes:

Pole Cardio - is a "simple but not easy" cardio dance routine on your dance pole. Join Susan and two of her students as they take you through a super fun, high energy, low impact, 40 minute aerobic dance workout on the pole. There are no spins or airborne moves (so even newbies can do it!) but a good sweat and major calorie burn are guaranteed.

Strength & Toning - learn to use your dance pole as a vertical home gym in the 2nd DVD in this set. Susan and Lori demonstrate upper body, lower body, and core strengthening exercises using only your dance pole and your own body weight. This DVD will help you build the strength you need to safely execute all those spins, lifts and crazy tricks!

Stretching & Flexibility - the final DVD in the Pole Fitness series shows you how to use your dance pole to help improve your flexibility. Your pole can help you stretch muscles that are hard to get at, and it can also help ensure your form is correct so you get the most out of every stretch.

If you own a dance pole, or are thinking of buying one, this pole dancing fitness DVD series will open up so many more options for you. Get yours today!

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